My name is Julia Pittman, I'm a film photographer who specializes in photo-journalistic style shoots, capturing intimate moments of love between couples and families, as well as telling stories with brands. I strive to encapsulate the essence of your most precious moments and bring them to life through the timeless art of film photography.

I've honed my craft to create unique and unforgettable photos that you'll treasure for years to come. From family portraits to engagement shoots, I pride myself on delivering high-quality images that capture the essence of who you are and what you stand for.

I also work with brands to help them achieve their marketing goals through raw and authentic imagery. I believe that film photography has a unique ability to convey the personality and character of a brand in a way that other mediums simply can't match. With my passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, I'll work with you to create a brand narrative that is both compelling and visually stunning.

So, whether you're looking to capture the beauty of your family's most cherished moments or elevate your brand with unique imagery that tells your story, I'm here to help.

Some lil' facts about me:


My friends also call me:

Jules, J-Wow, JP, and by my very confusing OG instagram handle @juscxo (pronounced juice-ko).


I'm a big fan of:

Music (especially oldies, classic rock, and country), long drives through the countryside, traveling to Europe, waking up early to catch that golden hour, the rain, and flowers.


When I'm not shooting:

You can find me working at my day-job as a ~ PR GIRLIE ~, spending time with my family, learning how to develop film, and getting lost in antique stores.